Monday, August 6, 2012

Bible Bootcamp: Armor of God

We made it and God has been working....

Our journey started at 1:00 am Friday morning. We gave our trip to the Lord, hopped in the van and made our way to DC. After two flights and one delay, we were in St. Thomas!

We have met some amazing servants of Christ through this trip! The genuine care for the hearts of island youth is evident and incredible. Churches are fervently praying to see kids come back to church and make good choices for their lives.

There is a great need for youth discipleship in St. Thomas and that's why Humbly I Serve is here! We have been reaching out the children and the Lord has been working!

Bible Bootcamp is like a VBS program, full of music,
Bible lessons, crafts, games, candy and prizes! The church and children have been promoting the Bible Bootcamp program
the past few weeks and it has been well received in the community. While our team eagerly anticipated what the
Lord has in store for the children; the children arrived early
to see what Humbly I Serve had in store for them! The excitement and large number of children gave us an indication that God was up to something and our team feels so blessed
to be a part of it all!

This year's theme is the Armor of God. The stage is set up like a bootcamp and the lessons work through a different piece of the armor each night.

The Stage.
The kids take their picture in this.
Monday lesson was on the helmet of salvation. Kim did a wonderful job presenting the gospel last night and it was amazing to see several children inquire more about the Lord and want to pursue a relationship with him!
Theme Bible Verse.
God brought us Christian music artist, Beckah Shae and the kids loved her performance! She helped open up the program and Humbly I Serve is excited to have her for part of this trip! She also brought a friend with her, Oracle and he rapped for the kids! Of course, they loved him as well. We are so thankful for such a wonderful group to join with us!
Beckah Shae's friend, Oracle.
The kids!
She brought the most friends and won a prize!
Ayishih: the children's coordinator with Josh: The music coordinator.
(We are SO thankful for them!)

Tonight Kim will be teaching about the belt of truth. Thank you for your prayer they are evident  among our group, THANK YOU! Please continue to pray as we teach about God's truth tonight!

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